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2) Choice Hotels 15% On-Going Discount:
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The Choice Travel Booking Process

This discount is brought to you, courtesy of the United States Billiard Association (USBA)
There are two distinct ways to make reservations at Choice properties:


Method A: Go to the Choice Hotels Website

• Visit

• In the “Special Rate” section, choose “Special Rate/Corp ID”. When it asks you for the Corp ID, enter the following code: 00223340

• It will ask you to confirm that it is the code for the United States Billiard Association (USBA). Yes, confirm.

• Click “Find Hotels”

Note: If you are booking online, please call the Sports Desk as well to make sure you are getting the discount because sometimes the online site does not show the discount. Make sure you tell them the discount is for the United States Billiard Association.

Method B: Call the Choice Sports Desk

• Call 877.240.AWAY (2929)
• Provide the USBA Discount Code: 00223340
• Receive at least 15% off on hotel bookings