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This Agreement is between ConsumerEZcredit (Company) and the customer who authorizes this agreement (Customer). Customer is contracting Company for the purpose of obtaining funding. Company guarantees the approval amount indicated in this Agreement to the Customer subject to this Agreement and the terms of service. Although Company is not a lender or broker, Customer authorizes Company to provide the lenders to the Customer so that Customer may receive funding from the lenders.

1) Company guarantees that upon successful applications to the lenders, Customer will be approved for the Guaranteed Amount collectively from the lenders.

2) Customer is under no obligation to accept any approval offers from any of the lenders. Amounts and interest rates may vary so the Customer has the right to refuse any offer or even every offer.

3) Customer agrees to pay Company a referral fee based on the Guaranteed Approval Amount desired by the Customer.

The referral fee schedule is as follows:

If the amount requested is more than $10,000, then the referral fee to be paid is $150.
If the amount requested is between $500 and $10,000, then the referral fee to be paid is $75.

4) If for any reason the full Guaranteed Approval Amount is not reached after all options have been exhausted, then Company will refund the referral fee to the Customer based on the actual approval amount received by Customer collectively from the lenders, subject to the fee schedule above and the Terms of Service as indicated on the Company’s website, ConsumerEZcredit.com. Total approval amount includes approval amounts for any and all extensions of credit. The interest rates are at the discretion of each lender, therefore Client has the right to refuse any offer. The referral fee is not an upfront fee for a loan. It is a fee for Company’s referrals and Company guarantees the approval amount will be obtained by the Customer, as has already been explained in this Agreement and in the Terms of Service.