Zombie City Defense 2 Download Free

Zombie City Defense 2 Download Free

Zombie City Defense 2


Zombie City Defense 2


Citi Zombie Defense 2 (v) Brain Labs

Date: 08/2016 Protecting Steam

Discs: 1 Genre: Action

Citi Defense 2 Zombie / tactical strategy game is to defend.

In the near future the world will be destroyed by a virus chiseled

mankind into zombies. The body, the latter to protect the areIron

padarozhzhypa world,to find the means of civilization, and to help people

to find answers. Prepare your army before the new field

Carefully select units Vašpešadijske, vehicles set etabereziak


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4. Copy the crack folder PLAZA

Game 5!

Note: You need to start the game on the desktop shortcut

General comments:

Blocking game lead in the firewall to prevent the game from

Go online at

If you are installinggame on SISTEMDRIVE, it will be necessary

This game instead administratarapryviley start

CODE – Enigma – ADDONiA