Pan Pan GOG pc 64/32 Bit free download

Pan Pan GOG pc 64/32 Bit free download

Pan Pan GOG


Pan Pan GOG


Title: pan-pan

Genre: Adventure, Rock

Developer: Game Kraft

Publisher: Might and Delight

Date: September 26, 2016

About this Game

Maybe Bliss in collaboration with KRAFT GAME invites you to explore the world of the rich color and cutting soft sounds and melodic soundtrack. Welcome to the world of pan-pan!

Pan-panduidelijk open adventure that tells the extension of the concept of the history of stories about the environment solving the puzzle and exploration elements in its core.

Kompletprotivtło for soothing soundsambient sound are known composer Simon Viklund, your job is corrigerenje wrecked ship and begin to house pilgrims.

In a world full of secrets and global change sprinkled with unforgettable characters – how to solve these puzzles is firmly in their hands.

Main features

It is located in an open world: Play new areas of collecting itemsen solving puzzles.

Stellar soundtrack rozsławioneproducent Simon Viklund sound.

Istraživanjai balanced mix of puzzle solvinggame mechanics.

A story told through the heart of the environmental impact.

Using a mix of instruments, apparatus and instruments for solving vanpuzzels and find his way home.

system requirements


Operating system: Windows XP SP2

GHz single core

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics card: GeForce 400, AMD Radeon HD 2

Storage: 200 MB of free space