Lenders and Partners

Please click any of the links below to apply directly with any of these lenders and partners. If a lender is not available in your state, please try the ones that are. If you are declined by a lender, it does not mean that you will also be declined by another lender since every lender has their own criteria. Lenders may generally wish to obtain a “soft” credit pull which does not affect your credit score in any way. If everything looks good, they may wish to do a “hard” pull before final approval which will affect your credit score by a few points. Those decisions are at the discretion of each lender and those lenders will ask for your permission before doing a soft or hard credit inquiry. Otherwise, you are free to apply to as many lenders as you wish. You may be redirected to other sites if not approved. You are free to continue to those other sites, but it is best to stick with our list here. If you encounter any sites that seem risky or suspect, please inform us before doing business with them.

If you are not approved for the full amount that you seek, or if you are not approved at all, please go back to our main Services page and select “Guaranteed Approvals“.

Click on the name of the partner to apply directly with them.


1) Any Size Loan to Meet Your Needs:
Credit Soup Personal Loans

2) Loans up to $15,000:
Zippy Loans

3) Loans Up to $2,500:
Honest Loans

4) Loans up to $30,000 or more:
One Loan Place Loans

5) Debt Consolidation:
One Loan Place Debt