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Below is a list of all our services which are now available to you. 

The guarantee, as we explained, is subject to the Agreement you submitted and the terms of service. We supply our referrals to you, and you agree to pay us a referral fee within 30 days of accepting and receiving any approved funds or credit extensions. The referral fee is based on the total approval amount that is accepted and received by you, whether it is for a loan or any other type of credit extension. We do not ask for the referral fee upfront. You only pay us if you receive approvals and accept any offers. That is the only way we get paid. Verification by a third-party company of your accurate information, your identity and your authorization was necessary so that we are able to bill you and collect the referral fee from you, assuming you accept an approval offer.

Please go to our lenders and partners section and click on the name of the lender or partner to apply with them directly. There is one section called Guaranteed Approvals which include 3 guaranteed approval offers for credit. Once you are finished applying with the referrals, please add up the total approval amount accepted by you from the referrals, and then kindly remit the appropriate referral fee to us. If the total amount is over $10,000, then the referral fee is $100. If the total amount is between $500 and $10,000, then the referral fee is $50. If the total amount is less than $500, then you owe us nothing and you do not need to remit the referral fee.

You will always receive some approvals, but if you do not like or accept any of the approval offers, then you will not be billed for anything whatsoever and you owe us nothing. Please feel free to use our additional services below at no charge. Between the Credit Repair Program and the discounts provided, you can easily save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you accept any of the approval offers, please make payment as you agreed within 30 days to our Billing Company:

Star Billing
1069 Main Street – STE 108
Holbrook, NY 11741



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