How long does it take to receive my funds?

Personal loans can usually be funded within a day or two, sometimes the same day. Lines of credit may take longer. Funds are usually issued by check and the first payment is usually due 30 days after funds are received. You may need to go directly to a lender’s office to pick up a check but it may also be mailed to you or transferred directly to a bank account. Lenders will report your monthly payments to the credit bureaus.


Am I guaranteed to be approved?

If you receive a guaranteed amount from us, then as long as the proper membership fee is paid, you are guaranteed to be approved for that amount subject to the membership terms.


Are the loans unsecured?

Any guaranteed amounts made are based on you, and you alone, for personal loans and/or lines of credit. No co-signers, home ownership or collateral are necessary as far as the guaranteed amount is concerned.


Is the interest rate guaranteed?

The interest rates are estimated based on our experience but ultimately it is up to each individual lender to make that determination.You are never obligated to accept a lender’s offer if you don’t like the interest rate.


Can I speak with someone on the phone?

We are able to answer any questions you may have through email which is the most efficient way for us to handle all our potential customers’ needs. All emails are usually answered within 1 business day except weekends and holidays. We are not a direct lender and are not set up to have clients come in person to the office to fill out paperwork or to speak on the phone with every potential customer who has a question. Our customer service department is not able to handle the large volume of phone calls we would receive. However, our customer service agents are available by phone to all paying customers.