Almost Finished! 


Your card has been charged a one-time only verification fee of $45.00. It will say “Consumer EZ Credit” on your credit card/bank statement. Your verification is good for six months.


We need a copy of acceptable ID and the card used for payment.
(Acceptable: Driver’s License, Passport, Official Non-Driver ID)
 Must be of legible and of good quality.

(Social Security Numbers are NOT listed on your ID and SS#’s are NOT needed for verification) 

The copies can be emailed to us, but we have also set up a text messaging service for the convenience of our customers. Now customers can simply take a picture of their acceptable ID and payment method with their phone, and text it to us! Make sure the photos are clear and legible. If everything is in order, we will then complete your verification and email you the results. The verification process usually takes 24 hours or less, sometimes just a few hours, as long as it is during normal business hours. If there is any problem with your documentation, we will inform you by email or text.

You can email the documents to: support@ConsumerEZcredit.com
Double-check the spelling of our email address before sending the email, please.

or you can TEXT the documents to:

We will email/text you back usually within 24 hours or less of your document submission, sometimes just a few hours, as long as it is during normal business hours.

If you would prefer to send it to us by another method, just email or text us and let us know what your preferred method is.

Whenever we send you an email, it will come from support@ConsumerEZcredit.com. Always make sure you check your spam or junk folder in case your internet provider filters our emails out, and sends them into the wrong folder.

CEZ Credit
Identity Verification Services