We have waived the requirement for verification and the $9.95 verification fee.

The guaranteed offer that we told you about, was made to you by one of our partners, JPL Guarantee (Option # 1, below). They  charge a fee, but they guaranteed results. If you cannot afford to pay their fee, then that is not an option for you and their guaranteed offer will not be available for you.

Our company (ConsumerEZcredit) does not give out loans. At this point, paying the $9.95 verification fee will bring you right back to JPL Guarantee again and as we said, they charge a fee. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to pay the $9.95 verification fee anymore, since you will still get the same options below.

Options # 2 through # 4 (below) are guaranteed offers for credit lines.

Options # 5 through # 9 (below) do not offer any guarantees whatsoever, but they also do not charge any fees. Please click any or all of the options below, depending on your needs:

1) JPL Guarantee
Loans and lines of credit up to $100,000.
This company charges a fee for their service but they guarantee results.
Enter the Invitation Code Number:  91759
or click the following link:


2) NetFirst Platinum
Instant Approval
$750 credit line

3) Freedom Gold Card
Instant Approval
$750 credit line

4) Group One Platinum
Instant Approval
$750 credit line


No Guarantees and No Fees:

5) Any Size Loan to Meet Your Needs:
Credit Soup Personal Loans

6) Loans up to $30,000 or more:
One Loan Place Loans

7) Debt Consolidation:
One Loan Place Debt

8) Loans Up to $2,500:
Honest Loans

9) Loans up to $15,000:
Zippy Loans


Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

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