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There are no memberships or subscriptions, so if you are not interested in our partner’s guaranteed offer, then you can try our free services instead.

Although we believe that our partner’s offer is still your best option, our services include some alternative lenders and partners, our Credit Repair Program and various discounts for you. We normally charge $99.95 for our services listed below. However, since you have already paid the verification company to complete the verification process, we are providing our services to you, free of charge.

You will definitely receive at least one approval from our alternative lenders and partners. Even in the worst-case scenario, you will receive approvals for credit lines totaling $2500. Of course, you are never obligated to accept any offers. That is completely up to you. Some of our customers may receive loans and/or lines of credit for more than that amount. Every case is different. If you use our Credit Repair Program, you will be on your way to repairing your credit history which will save you many thousands of dollars in interest over the years. You can also save hundreds of dollars using the discounts included in our services package. We wish you the best and hope you will enjoy the services and benefits we provide. Good luck in your endeavors. 

Please go to our Alternative Lenders and Partners section below and click on the name of the lender or partner to apply with them directly.

There is also a section called Guaranteed Approvals which include 3 guaranteed approval offers for credit.

Between the Credit Repair Program and the discounts provided, you can easily save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.



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