Thank you for your message.

Our company does not provide loans, nor do we charge any fees whatsoever. The guaranteed offer was made to you by one of our partners, PersonalLoanGuarantee. We do, however, require our customers to first get verified before we connect them with any of our partners. We had first sent you to a third-party verification service. They charge a $9.95 verification fee. No credit check is made. It is a verification of the personal information that you provided to us and a verification of your identity. Once verification is successful, we send you to our partner who has made you the guaranteed offer to sign their Agreement, if you wish to proceed. You have already been verified. Please do not get verified again.

The approval amount is guaranteed subject to their agreement. PersonalLoanGuarantee is the company that made you the guarantee. They have an Agreement for you and yes, they do charge a fee, but they also offer the guarantee.

We did notify you of this, from your guaranteed offer information:
“*Guaranteed offer has been made by one of our partners and is subject to their Agreement and Terms. For a sample agreement, please click here (  ) . Partner charges a fee for their service which is fully or partially refundable as per their Terms. ConsumerEZcredit does not charge any fees, however, we do require verification of all our customers and once a customer has been verified by an independent verification company, they can choose to either continue with the guaranteed offer from our partner, or they can use our services at no additional charge.”

If you are not interested in proceeding with them, that is not a problem at all. They are definitely your best option, but if do not wish to use their services, please let us know immediately so we can have their guaranteed offer cancelled and we will find other options for you. Would you like us to cancel their guaranteed offer and provide other options?

Please let us know how you wish to proceed by emailing us at or text us (not a phone number) at (484) 206-0444.

Sincerely, Jeff Hoffmann, ConsumerEZcredit