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Our company does not charge any fees whatsoever. We send you to a third-party verification service. They charge a $9.95 verification fee. No credit check is made. It is a verification of your information and identity. The fee is not refundable once verification is completed.

The guarantee was made to you by one of our partners. They also charge a fee for their services. This is explained in the sample agreement which is available here:

The approval amount is guaranteed subject to their agreement and terms.

After verification is completed, you will receive a verification ID that you may need to provide to us. You will then be forwarded to the partner and they will provide their Agreement to finalize your request. If you do not wish to use them, we can also offer our services at no additional charge to all verified customers.

That’s It!

Please click the following link to get verified now:

If you want the guaranteed offer, then verification is required. If not interested, let us know and we will provide other funding options, other than the guaranteed offer.

Sincerely, Jeff Hoffmann, ConsumerEZcredit